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Tracy West: retail commentator

We all like trying something new and in the past few weeks I've tried quite a few new products. I started with two new Kit Kats: Green Tea Matcha (inspired by Japan) and Kit Kat made with Ruby Cocoa Beans. Sorry, but I have to say I won't be buying either of them again.

Alexander Russell: consultant, Car Wash Association (CWA)

The Car Wash Association's (CWA's) lobbying work to expose criminal activity and widespread regulatory non-compliance on hand car washes faces new challenges following the change of government in July. New appointments have been made in all the key ministries relating to the CWA's work. Regulatory activity needs to be kick-started again to tackle modern slavery, employment abuses, tax fraud, H&S non-compliance and widespread pollution.

Chris Judge: analysis editor, Argus Media

The fragility of the global economy in the light of the trade war between the US and China continues to weigh on oil markets, keeping benchmark Brent crude oil futures bobbing around the $60/bl mark.

Brian Madderson: chairman, PRA

After nine years of fuel duty freezes, this regressive tax is still netting the Exchequer some £28bn every year. Once double taxation is factored in, with added VAT at 20% yielding an estimated further £7bn, the overall total of £35bn comfortably places fuel as the fifth largest tax receipt for the Exchequer little wonder that it figures so prominently in any budget discussions.

Merril Boulton: editor

The silence has been deafening! Has nobody noticed the fuel prices on Applegreen's Welcome Break estate? I guess the national press are rather busy with all the current shenanigans at Westminster Towers they usually enjoy making big headlines around fuel pricing. Under the Fuelgood branding from its Irish operation Applegreen is pledging to offer the 'lowest motorway fuel prices', and it seems to have been doing just that, with prices averaging 10-15ppl lower than the rest of the motorway network.

Chris Judge: analysis editor, Argus Media

International oil markets proved remarkably unconcerned about the escalation of the crisis in the vitally strategic Straits of Hormuz, the choke point in the Mideast Gulf for around a fifth of the world's oil supply.

Stephen Marcos Jones: director general, UKPIA

In June the UK became the first major economy to pass legislation requiring net-zero emissions by 2050. With a flick of his pen, interim-Energy and Clean Growth Minister, Chris Skidmore, upgraded the legally-binding target in the Climate Change Acat from an 80% reduction of emissions to 100%. With 38% of current energy consumption met by petroleum products, the downstream oil sector has a major role to play in achieving this ambitious target, which will necessitate a complete transformation in how we produce, distribute and consume energy.

Tracy West: retail commentator

Who doesn't love chocolate? Obviously that's a rhetorical question, as for me anyone who doesn't seems a little bit weird. In the past my favourite has always been Cadbury Dairy Milk (CDM) but since the Americans got their hands on it, I think it's changed.

Tracy West: retail commentator

This may sound sad but one of the things I like to do when I am travelling abroad is look out for food and drink that I've not seen before. I had a whale of a time doing this on my recent trip to the US. We did a lot of driving (3,000 miles in 11 days) so made a lot of stops for gas and snacks.

Kevin Eastwood: executive director, BOSS

When the new Prime Minister takes office this month, one of my first tasks will be to bring to his attention the proactive approach that fuel retailers have taken to reduce pressure on police resources.

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Weekly retail fuel prices: 2 September 2019
RegionDieselLPGSuper ULUL
East Midlands132.1271.23141.73128.82
North East130.66140.60128.17
North West131.39140.18128.47
Northern Ireland129.03134.10126.35
South East132.7358.90141.28129.68
South West131.9563.90140.12128.70
West Midlands131.6066.90140.32129.05
Yorkshire & Humber131.2384.90140.57128.52

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